My favourite sound

I love hearing Max gass to himself when he wakes up in the morning or from a nap. He loves a chinwag that boy (he gets it from me).

I’m noticing some big changes in Max lately.

He answers yes as the correct response to a question for example shall we have some dinner “yes” I asked him if he wanted a nap earlier and the cheeky sod said no.

He’s become a very boisterous little boy. We seem to be going thru the throwing stage which is driving me nuts.

He’s found rythmn and loves a little boogie.

He doesn’t want me to feed him at all anymore thou sometimes he has no choice. He also sometimes prefers to eat from my plate rather than his own,a habit I’m desperate to avoid.

He doesn’t give us kisses and cuddles as much as before. So when he comes for a snuggle we definitely make the most of it.

Each day he’s becoming more and more of a little boy, it makes me a little sad I miss my little baby.

Now we have a farting, cheeky


toddler with attitude . God help us all 🙂


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