Toddlers and glasses

Max had a appointment at the hospital recently to get his eyes checked out. We’d noticed that sometimes his left eye would turn in slightly normally when he was eating or tired.

I took him to the docs and he just referred him straight to the consultant at the hospital.

The appointment confirmed what we had suspected he’s slightly long sighted.

Before there was any discussion of patches or ops he has to give glasses a try to see if they can correct the eye problem.

He’s been wearing the new specs for a few weeks (I say wearing it’s quite sporadic at the moment) sometimes he’s great at keeping them on and often he’s not. It all depends on his mood. If he’s stropping then these are the first thing to go. It can be stressful for me but I think we just need to perceiver.


When the consultant first said he had to wear glasses I initially felt really sad. I was so worried about what other people would say. I spend way to much time worrying about what other people think. Now he’s had them a while I’m getting used to seeing him in them. He’s still a little stunner and gets lots of compliments about them.

We back up the hospital in September so let’s hope the eye will have corrected itself by then.


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