Why I feel so shit

This pregnancy has been so different in so many ways. With my last I felt the normal exhaustion and stuff but I never felt ugly fat and basicly hugely unattractive. Last time I was drinking loads of water ( I was still at work any old excuse to get away from my desk) so I really felt like I was glowing. This time it’s the opposite I often forget to drink water and to be fair I can’t wee a hundred times a day I have a toddler to run around after.

I’ve already made the decision to get back into shape after baby arrives. The plan is to cut out all the crap and start exercising again. Pre baby I weighed 10.5 stone ( I never really bothered shedding the post baby weight as I knew we would try again shortley after my first birth) I went on the scales tonight and I’m 13 stone on the dot (the same as I was when I gave birth to max). I’ve still got 5 weeks to go so I’m thinking I’ll probably end up closer to 14 by the time my due dates here.

I hate it being this big I don’t feel good about myself and my self esteem is at a all time low. I look forward to shedding some of this extra weight not just to feel better about myself but also to be healthier.

Tell me I’m not alone with feeling like this 😦


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