It’s been a slog of a day

My lovely son has passed along his germs to me (thanks son). I wouldn’t mind if it meant he didn’t have his cough any more but that’s not the case.

With 4 weeks till my due date it’s something I could really do without.

Not one to moan (ha who am I kidding I love a good moan) but I feel rather pants. Everytime I cough the top of my bump aches. Like there’s not enough going on with my body right now.

Headaches are in full swing as is swollen fingers face and ankles. Sleeping at night is getting to be a slight struggle and the weeing has intensified.

This time next week is the same gestation I was when I had Max so I’m fully aware of the possibility of going into labour again at this time in my pregnancy. I’d be happy for baby to stay put till 40 weeks (even though I’m so done with being pregnant) I just don’t feel like everything’s quite ready yet.

I’m feeling all the normal anxieties about giving birth again.

I’ve got a child free day tomorrow so I’m just going to focus on relaxing, sleeping and trying my best to get match ready for the big day.

Though I don’t feel were ready yet for the arrival of baby I do look forward to him being here and becoming a family of 4.


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