Count the kicks

One thing I really wont miss about being pregnant is worrying about counting bloody kicks.

Don’t count kicks they say now look for your babies routine and keep an eye out for changes.

Well that never helped me this one (like the last) never quite had a routine. He’d be busy sometimes during the day then quiet at night sometimes visa versa.

Having a toddler terror to run around after means I’ve noticed movement even less.

Nowadays you can’t miss the movement. I’m sure this baby is spiderman as he seems to crawl all around my belly.

He’s been head down since about week 30,I often get the fanny daggers (lucky me). The latest thing is hiccups this kiddo seems to get them at least once a day.

It’s all fun and games in the 3rd trimester camp I’m sure a few of you out there can relate πŸ™‚


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