Lean in 15

Dan had been moaning recently about the food we eat for dinner. So I decided to try and mix it up and went and brought The body coach lean in 15 cook and fitness book. I’ve heard lots of good things about the book. I brought it on my kindle so it worked out quite cheap around £6.00.

I used the book for the first time this morning for Max’s breakfast. He usually has toast and jam or a cereal. Sometimes scrambled eggs at the weekend. This is made him cinnamon and vanilla French toast topped with banna and blueberries.

It was really easy to make and not surprisingly max loved it. I had added a drizzle of honey so in reality it was too sweet for max to have regularly. I think next time I’ll leave off the honey and half the cinnamon and vanilla. 

The recepie requests that you use coconut oil instead of traditional sunflower oil. I’d never cooked with this before it smelt lovely. I found aldis had started to sell this lately which is a bonus. 

Warning thou this breakfast defiantly had a pooey effect on Max,I was treated to a stinky explosion shortly after he had finished. 

I’m looking forward to try out new recipes from the book and adapting them to suit Max 🙂


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