Labour can you get a fecking move on!!!!!

Ok so I’m done and want my labour to start now. This may sound crazy to some people but to be fair to myself in 38 weeks and a few days now it’s safe for my baby to come. Max came at 37 and 5 so he’s proof. 

I’ve been and cut the grass in my garden today so I’m hoping that bit of exercise will help move things along. I’ve asked the mil to dig out the birthing ball and this week I’ll do a curry (don’t think I can have it hot,I really hate spicy food). 

Knowing my luck all these things won’t amount to anything and I’ll probably go over . 

We’re pretty much ready for baby to come. I really wanted max in his big boy room a few weeks before I was due but it hasn’t really worked out like that. I. Trying not to get to anxious about that.

So reality check  baby could come in 2 weeks or 4 weeks or any day now.  

Anyone else in the same boat. Come on let’s share the misery 🙂


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