Max’s new big boy room is nearly finished (yippppeee) it’s all about finishing touches now and we’ll hopefully trial run him in his new toddler bed by the weekend. 

This is so exciting. The room not being ready has made me feel really anxious. Thou ideally I wanted him in there a few weeks before d day I’m still over the moon we’ve made some real headway.

I really have to big up my hubby. A few years ago he would have hidden from any kind of diy it wasn’t ever his kind of thing he was always more a gamer than a grafter (in terms of decorating he’s always been a grafter when it comes to work).Since we feel with Max he’s decorated the games room the nursery our room and Max’s new room. I’m talking plastering painting and even laying carpets. I really couldn’t be prouder of what he’s accomplished and I think he’s setting Max a real good example (even if he’s a little young to know it now). 

Today’s going to be all able getting the new room sorted and ready. 

Yesterday we had some lovely weather in the UK. It seems to not be able to make its mind up wether it wants to be sunny or torrential rain round here. So we spent some time playing in the garden and after lunch we ventured to the park.

I found it really hard what with it being so warm and me being heavily pregnant.Max loved it. There were a couple of older kids there and in no time at all he was running with them trying to keep up. He’s started to go down the slide by himself which bloody terrified me. I’m trying so hard to not hover over him when we’re in the park. 

After the swings and slides we had a bit of a run around in the fields next door (well Max not me,I mainly sat and watched) he discovered daisy’s and even ate one or two (I did try and stop him). 

I had to have a nice nap when we got home I was bloody knackered. Once this baby turns up we can start going out a bit more. At the moment it’s just a real struggle.  

Let’s hope this baby isn’t going to keep us waiting to long. 


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