The transistion from cot to toddler bed

If you’ve read any of my previous posts about Max and he’s new room you’ll know that we finally finshed the room on Thursday night.

The gate went up and he had his first night in his new room. 

What a bloody first night it was, in a word it was a nightmare. He didnt want to sleep he wanted to bang the door a million times (the wall now has a lovely handle shaped dent in it) he wanted to shout at the gate and run around like a nutter.

The net told me to just calmly take him back to bed when he got out,to avoid any type of communication and definitely NO EYE CONTACT. I did this 50 times before I realised this methods bullshit and wasnt working for me. 
Then came the crying ,uncontrollable sobbing. I relented and soothed him (being his first night and all). Still didnt work I had barely shut the gate before he was up again.

By this time it was 10 pm and I was at my wits end.It was time to bring in the big guns(daddy). Somehow he settled him and Max decided it was time to sleep. Sleep he did all the way to 7 am for his bottle then till 8.30am. 

The second night we went out, Max’s aunt offered to babysit (crazy girl) and he went down at 9. A huge improvement on the night before. This time I was told instead of door banging it was dragging his dummy across the gate. He slept thru again similar times to the night before.

Last night was night 3. We had been at a friend’s for the day so it was a late night for him we put him down at 8.30.  I had 30 mins of chat then sobbing. I went in to him once. It was really quiet upstairs so I tiptoed to check on him and lo and behold he was asleep HURRAH. He woke during the night (I think a bad dream)I went in and soothed him and back off he went. Touch wood hes still asleep now.

Errrrr thats not your comfy bed.

Im hoping that the rest of the week goes well. I realky want him settled in there before new baby arrives (if he ever decides to make a bloody appearance)


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