How do you disipline a toddler

This is the hardest part of parenting lately for me.

 Max loves to push his boundaries mainly just with me hes an angel for everyone else. 

Whens hed been really naughty i would just tear my hair out. How do you disipline a toddler? How much does he understand. 

Enough is enough i throught yesterday i need to implement some kind of punishnent for when  he’s bad  (im not sure how else to describe what i feel is needed). I decided on a time out cornor. Ive set a time on my phone and everytime he’s really pushed the limits he gets a time out between 1 to 3 minutes depending on the crime. 

Todays been day one and its been rough. Hes had a total of 10 min time outs so far spread out over the day. Its horrid and i dont like it but i cant have max thinking he can just be naughty. Ive tried to explain to him why hes been put on a time out.hiw much he takes in I dont know.

Im really intreasted to see what other parents have done.


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