To bed guard or not 

When you have a child there is so much stuff that society says we need such as a bed guard when baby goes into a toddler bed. They come in all shapes and sizes from mesh to wood. 

We decided to skip the guard when we put Max into the big bed. In my opinion I have found the guards to be a bit flimsy. Often they dont screw into the base of the bed they just fold under the mattress. 

Touch wood i dont think its made much of a difference us not having one. Max is able to freely get in and out of bed (as we know by his floor sleeping escapades) without a guard getting in the way. 

He hasnt rolled out of bed yet , thou i went into him this morning and he was half hanging out of the bed. He is a fidget bum in bed so im expecting some rolling soon. The bed is so low on the floor and the carpet is soft so it shouldnt cause him any damage if he does. 

At this point in time im glad we havent wasted money buying a guard. Being a parent can be so daunting we all want to be sure we are making the right decisions. I think its important to trust your instincts and not always just go by what society says is correct. 


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