Will i miss it

As im nearing the end (praying for it actually) of my 2nd pregnancy it gets me thinking “will i miss it”.

The truth some of it yes most of it no. I doubt wel have any more kids after thus one but hey never say never.

I wont miss this later stage feeling like a huge beached whale. The need to pee constantly. The worry that everything will work out. The cabin fever that stems from the fear of my waters going while in driving alone with my son. 

I will miss the movement. Theres ni way to describe how it feels to feel your child wiggling around inside you. Although every movement bloody hurts at the moment (ever heard of fanny daggers).

I cant wait to start getting myself back again. Im not dumb i know itl still take a while to get back there but at least this time I know its a reality. 

Im so going to dye and cut my hair start eating well and shift this baby weight. Even just to get excited about stuff like excercise.

I probably sound extremely ungrateful.

Im really not its just been a long 40 weeks.


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