Im sooooo done 

With being pregnant. Im sick of thinking about it ,talking about it being asked about it. Today im offically overdue and i have to wonder WHEN THE FUCK is this labour going to start. Im sorry I sound harsh I’m aware, I sound like a broken freaking record. 

Ive been trying loads to try and get this party started. On the off chance anyone else is in the same boat you may be intreasted in what i have to say (or you might be thinking shut the heck up woman). Here’s my list to date:

Sex- didnt work

Pineapple-didnt work 

Hot curry (hot for me anyway)-didnt work

Bouncing on a birthing ball- This one has brought on some braxton hicks which i need to get my inner cervix thined out. Annoyingly i had one from before but lost the plug and managed to spilt the pump. This time we picked one up from amazon for a tenner (happy days) the bonus is Max thinks this large ball is for him so he can play with it when im done. The downside is i have to fight him to use it when hes awake. Seriously its a battle the kids a gladiator. 

Nipple stimulation- i dug out my old crappy tommee tippee eletric breastpump and gave that a whirl. So far nothing but sore nipples and a bad back from that.  It was a piece of shit before and not much has changed. Word of advice dont waste your money.

Thats all for me so far. Im starting to run out of ideas pretty soon im just going to have to embrace the fact its not going to happen. Il have to have another sweep and if that dont work be induced. 

Please tell me theres somebody elae going thru the same as me. 


7 thoughts on “Im sooooo done 

      • Ha, it’s a well known fact that the last couple of weeks of pregnancy feel like they last 30 years… I don’t particularly miss the part when I felt like I needed to reaaaaaaally pee but didn’t, it was just junior jumping on my bladder all.the.time. And the lack of sleep… Not that sleeping has got much better but I’m sure you know what I mean!


      • The weeing is sooo annoying. I didnt have this before so its all new to me lol we were quite lucky with max he slept from about 12 weeks but the sleep depreivation is pretty hardcore in the beginging.


      • Well, I keep being told that every pregnancies are different…
        Sleep deprivation is a form of torture 😐 I always had to resist the urge to kick my other half when he was sleeping so peacefully while I just couldn’t sleep on account of junior using me as an indoor trampoline then using me as his own personal milkmaid ever 2h 😆
        Still, given the option of do it all over again 😊


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