Babies and bottles 

Wether your baby is a demand fed or tbe more old fashioned every 4 hours  it can be hard to know when your baby should be dropping  bottles especially when they start weaning.

I can only talk about my experience with Max im not a pediatrican. 

As soon as Max was born and didnt take to the boob we started demand feeding him with apatmal baby formula. What that means is we fed Max when he gave us the cues he was hungry. The cues if i remember correctly were things like smacking or licking lips. Im sure he had loads others but it was so long ago you cant blame me for forgetting. Picking up on babies cue came quite quickly and eventually you know them so well that your able to get in there before the crying starts.

I would pre make the boiling water and store it in the fridge ready for the formula to be added and warmed up. We always aimed to give Max room temp bottles. It never made sense to give him really warm bottles. I always felt that when were out and about i wouldnt want to faff about finding a bottle warmer. 

Sometimes he would have a bottle every hour, 2 or 4 hours depending on his cues. We would never let him go longer than 4 hours. When he would have growth spurts we would feed him as often as we felt he needed. Admitly sometimes if he would be non stop crying giving milk would be one if the things we would use to get him to stop. 

We had a bit of kick back from people about feeding this way. We were told by people that we would make a rod for our own back and that would be clingy and greedy. The health vistor also recomended feesing this way  and it just worked for us. 

As he got older we let him drop bottles when he was ready. Usually we would give it a week or so to see if he was dropping the bottle or just feeling fussy.

I cant remember excatly how old he was when he started to drop bottles. I think the lunchtime one was prob the first to go then the late afternoon. Hes recently stoped having his morning bottle although sometimes if he wakes super early i will give him a bottle to get him back to sleep.

When Max turned 1 we swapped him from formula to full fat cows milk. We also gave him a vitamin supplement mixed in the milk. He took quite well to the new milk but didnt start drinking 7 ozs straight off the bat lol 

We always went by what Max needed and that worked for us. He is a baby led in regards to food. He isnt overweight and he loves his grub which i see as a good thing.  


2 thoughts on “Babies and bottles 

  1. That’s what I did with oldest and it worked great! My youngest was a preemie and had to be fed on a schedule for a long time, but once she caught up we fed her on her own timetable too.


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