Sods law

This morning i had a post planned to tell you all about the changes weve made to Max’s morning routine ans how well they’ve gone down with the boy. So of course it woukd be sods law that he plays up today. 

I used to take Max straight downstairs sort his brekkie let him play a bit then back to bed for a morning nap. What with this new baby coming soon (we hope) i figured time to get organised. We wernt getting dressed till lunchtime which wasnt productive for either of us. 

Now that his in his own big bedroom we do everything before we head down for breakfast. 

So i grab him some fresh juice and we brush teeth change bums (his not mine ) and get dressed all before brekkie.

It was working great untill this morning. He was happy with everything apart from putting his t-shirt on. Then he went into grump mode so i left him to stew a bit. 

His gone to the last class of the term today and his aunt has taken him out after. 

Im going to try and get some rest while i still can, although I’ve already been sorting my room and wardrobe out. No rest for the wickid eh.


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