Bump watch-week 41

Today im 41 weeks excatly. I never throught it would go this far into my pregnancy. I really feel a bit of a div that i was so sure baby would be here sooner because of my last pregnancy. It goes to show that every pregnancy really is different. 

Im booked in next week to be induced. I really hope that if doesn’t come to that. It just sounds like such a long winded faff. The horror storys about how being induced equals a more painfull labour hasnt helped my anxiety. I keep going over all the worse case secanrios in my head. 

My last midwife appt resulted in another failed sweep which was very dishearting. My cervix was just a little too high. So ive been bouncing on my ball day and night to try and get it all going. 

Its great to have a final date for this pregnancy but I just need this baby to come now. 

Weve been really lucky to have had help with childcare for max whilest ive been stuck indoors. Especially from hus aunt who has taken him to the majority of his tots yoga class. It was really important to me that he didnt miss out on things just because we decided to have another child. Because of her he hasnt missed a class this term which is fantastic. 

Fingers crossed this will be my last bump watch post.


One thought on “Bump watch-week 41

  1. I feel your pain I went 11 days over. My little poppit is now 3 weeks old and pregnancy and birth seem like a very distant memory. Hang in there it will all be worth it xxx


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