We have a name 

Just another very quick post to announce  we have a name (drumroll please) ….

Welcome baby Kaiser.

Were still undecided about his middle name. I have loved the name throughout my pregnancy so im chuffed to get to call him it. 

 Some have been kind about our choice others cruel but I couldnt give a flying feck. He’s my child il call him what I like. 

I think Max and Kai have a nice ring to them. 

Now baby kai has a name i must stop calling him Max,i wasnt doing this intentionally just force of habit haha. 


5 thoughts on “We have a name 

      • 9 times out of 10 their opinion is neither required nor wanted. Any how, you totally got this motherhood thing. You’re nailing it. I’m winging it. Also, I reckon that we should sort out a play date for your Max and my Oz at some point ☺️. Yeah I’ve decided you were my new mum BFF.


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