1 week old

Tomorrow  kaiser is one week old. 

Its crazy how quick the week has gone.i feel like Ive blinked and its wizzed by.

Its been a real adjustment this week for everyone as weve all acclimatised ourselfs to become a family of 4.

The real challenge we’d had with Kai this week was the  breastfeeding. Sods law in the hospital he latched on fine,in fact he had a feed straight after birth so we had thought we might be on the home run with that. Turns out we were wrong again. Breastfeeding once again has been a huge challenege. Kai wasnt feeding often enough the latch was painfull and he was spending too much time sleeping and not enough on the boob. This was really making me anxious which I’m sure was having a knock on effect qith how Kai was feeding. I made the descision to stop the traditional breastfeeding and to combination feed express milk and formula. 

The midwife came yesterday and weighes him and hes lost only 6%of his original body weight. 

The pumpings going well although im not sure how long il realistically keep the pumping up once dan goes back to work. Pumping is similar to breastfeeding its all supply and demand.

I really had forgotton how much newborns sleep. We had some real issues with Kai settling back to sleep after his 1 am feed but as of last night he seems to have cracked it. I feel much more human today its amazing what a bit of sleep can do. 

We have a real busy week next week lots if appointments. Im a bit sad dan will be back to work the week after. Its been great having him home and I know Max has loved all the one on one time with him. 


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