Post baby body 

So 10 days on my minds starting to think about getting this mummas body to resemble something other than a humpback whale.

Weight goals

Pre pregnancy i weighed in at 10.1/2 stone at the end i was on the 13 mark (not bad for 41 weeks).I weighed mysel very recently i weighed myself and i came in at just over at just over 12 stone,the ideal weight i want to acheive is 9 stone. So thats 3 stone to shift although il be happy to get to 10 stone. Im planning on acheiving this mainly by changing my earing habits and im going to join slimming world. Il also start to exercise again after my 6 week check. 

Maybe blogging about the journey will keep me motivated as i do have a weakness for fast food and cake. 

Wish me luck. 


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