Last time around we used Tommee Tippee bottles for feeding. I had recieved a lot of them as gifts before Max was born do it was a no brainer to use them. 

We soon came to the relisation that they were a peice of crap. From having  to hold the bottle a certain way to the build up of wind Max got from using them. We ended up chucking them away and re buying Advent instead. They really worked for us and Max still uses them today (although were starting to wean him off the milk. Were down yo just 3 oz at bedtime).

This time around were using Nuby bottles. We had received a box of new ones last year as part of a testing program with mother and baby magazine. 

So far I really like them. There a lovely design,a good size, easy to clean  but most importantly Kai drinks from them well and brings up a good amount of wind (although he does also fart like a trouper)

Will they be as good long term, only time will tell but for now there just fine.

What bottles are you using?


2 thoughts on “Bottles

  1. the bottles that worked best for Oz were Dr Brown’s. They did cost a bit, but he never had much wind, colic or reflux, so they were good in that sense. I was using a medela pump, so it’d have been great if Oz would have played ball and agreed to suck on the medela bottles – no luck there (which was fine really, because the medela bottles did cost quite a lot!). I never tried the Nuby bottles, but I heard a lot of good stuff about them. Maybe i’ll give them a go when/if we have another kido 🙂


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