Pumping mummas

We hear all the time about the benefits of breast milk when it comes to feeding our babies. We seem to hear a lot of the time how breastfeeding is the best way to feed blah blah blah.

We never hear anything about the heroic efforts of the pumping mummas. You know the mums who werent able to give the actual breast but instead endure hours of artifical pumping to extract the liquid gold.

Im a pumping mumma (with some formula feeds thrown in for good measure) and to be truthful I hate it. There I said it. Dont get me wrong I like the throught of giving Kai a good start but Max was formula fed and hes one smart cookie. 

When my babies are napping and i should be also I’m not im fecking pumping (with my crappy tommee tippee eletric pump from last time). It’s also really boring. I brought a pumping bra thinking I would be able to go about my day and just pump continously,yeah that hasnt quite worked out. The bottles were way to heavy for the bra and there isnt anywhere to put the controller ( you know the on and off button thingy)

I know I wont be pumping forever as Kai’s demand gets higher I just wont be able to keep up. At the moment im pumping 4 times a day and taking fenugrek to try and up my supply. Even thats not enough in theory I should be pumping everytime Kai feeds. If Kai was a only child then maybe this would ne possible but hes not and therefor it isnt.

So heres to all you pumping mummas out there you all deserve a gold medal. 


10 thoughts on “Pumping mummas

  1. I’m a pumping mummy too. Little M is 11 weeks now and I’m hoping to get to six months if I can. She’s never had any formula; if she had I probably would have stopped pumping by now as I’d have seen that she’s totally fine with it. I think it’s fear of the unknown! As a result I pump 6-8 times per day. Fortunately I am managing to keep up with her needs at the moment but I know that may change.


    • Wow 6 to 8 times a day how do you fit it in im struggling with 4. Its doesn’t help that im exhausted and have a toddler as well. What pump are you using. Im so impressed your still pumping at 11 weeks 🙂

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      • I pump every three to four hours during the day with a bit longer at night. It’s easier at the moment as hubby is a teacher so off work for the holiday this month. I may have to reassess in September! I use the Medela Freestyle double electric pump that a friend lent me. It’s fortunate that she had such a good pump!


      • Well it seems to be working for me! As I said a friend lent mine to me so I’ve been fortunate that I haven’t had to buy one, but I think if I needed another one in future and she wasn’t able to lend it to me again, I would buy it. I have bought several spare part kits for it too, to cut down on sterilising.


      • That’s the downside. Fortunately we have privacy glass in the back of our car so I have sat in that and pumped quite a few times (with a muslin covering my modesty!) and my local Marks and Spencer’s have two lockable feeding/changing rooms with chairs so I have pumped there when I’ve been out in the city for a day.


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