The toddler and the baby

The latest drama in our house is the way Max is interacting with Kai. Sometimes hed fab with him and its all about the kisses and cuddles but sometimes its the complete opposite its all smacking and pulling. Im really struggling with working out how the best way to desl with this.

Currently i lose my cool and shout st Max. I dont do it to be mean or nasty its more out of instinct at that moment i need max to know that hed behavouir is not acceptable.

Max is 21 months now and beleve me he understands a whole lot. I feel awful to keep telling him off i just dont see any other way. 

I also feel bad for Kai when Max was born this house was so peaceful and calm but now its really not. Im really concerned about how this with affect Kai. 

How do you deal with the sibling issue. I really need help and advice here  


4 thoughts on “The toddler and the baby

  1. Something that worked for my siblings : they got a baby doll for their elder child, the big brother/sister would then deal with the doll, often copying whatever the parents do: feed the baby, change baby, give it a bath, but also telling the doll off and such.
    I’m not saying to stopped my nieces/nephews from walloping their younger sibling but it helped…
    Good luck!


  2. When I had my second, I made sure to pay a lot of attention to my older one as well. I found they were often just jealous of the needs of the newborn, so if I fended that off with lots of special “mommy time” and attention, it usually helped with any acting out. Especially while they are newborns, since they sleep alot and can’t “do” much, it was easy to set the baby down (when they didn’t need to be fed/changed/tended to) and play with my older one. Best of luck!


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