We survived

I got through my first week being on my own with 2 under 2. It wasnt always easy but we did it.

I think it helped that we were out nearly everyday and i really think this is the way forward. The one day we had at home was a disaster with 2 wingey children. Fair to say i was very happy when dan came home from work. 
I took Max to softplay on one of the days and left Kai with his nanny for a few hours. Im so glad we went he absloutley loved it. Its great seeing how hes grown in the past 3 weeks. Hes such a social butterfly (he gets that from his dad).

Yesterday we had a parkdate with a mummy friend. Bar one or two minor tantrums  when we got home max was a pleasure to be around. Id forgotten what it was like having a kid in a good mood. Hopefully he’ll be in a good mood today as well. 

Kai is really putting the pounds on now. He still sleeps most of the time but hes definatly more alert now. He does the cutest little giggle in his sleep it really makes me smile. 


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