The end of our pumping journey

I really wanted to pump the amber necter for as long as I possibly could. 

Dont judge me but I’ve made the decision to stop. 

I came to this desicion based on a few things and they all sound selfish.

Having a newborn and a toddler is  time consuming as it is I find myself constantly needing to make choices. 

When both kids miraculously napped at the same time and when i should be sleeping or eating i was pumping. It just takes up too much time . We brought a pumping bra and in theroy that sounds awesome in reality it didnt really work out (thats another post for another time).
Then theres the demand issue. Kai is a baby led baby (he tells me when hes hungry by giving us cues) as he is feeding more I would struggle to keep up. I really need to pump every time he feeds and to be honest i dont have the time for that i was pumping 4 times a day and struggling.

Maybe if Kai has been my first born then things might have been different. 

I used the tommee tippee electric pump we used with Max. Although i found it to be a pile of shit i couldnt justify buying another one. We defiantly got our use out of it this time. 

So Kai has had 4 weeks of mainly breastmilk. 

I tried my best but now i need to focus on being the best mum i can be for both of my boys. 


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