Kaisers development 

Baby Kai is 5 weeks on saturday. Time is just flying by its scary. 

Tonight he was giving my bestie some lovely smiles. Some will say its wind but i dont think so he doesn’t smile when hes straining to get out the poop or fart.

He’s interacting a little more now. When hes on his mat i see him looking around at his surroundings.

Check out the reuseable nappy in this pic more on that at a later date. He really looks so chilled here.

Im relishing every moment with Kai as I know it goes by so quickly. I hate the night feeds and im constantly exhausted but i just keep telling myself this is not forever  (we hope). 

Im making the most of all these snuggles before he turns one and doesnt need to cuddle mummy anymore. 

Have you had a baby lately what are you loving the most about the newborn stage?  


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