For the love of blog

So i just read a post about writing a killer post (their words not mine) it explains all about writing a successful post. 

I love these kind of posts . Mainly because my blog is the absolute opposite of everything i should be doing to make it a sucess.I write abuout the things i would want to read about.  My grammer is shockingly bad and i tend to ramble. Really thou who cares read it and enjoy it or move on to the next blog  (theres plenty to choose from)

Ive wrote a post about this before so i probably sound like im going over old ground.

Should blogs be all about stats and followers,making money and getting good freebies to review or should it be about documenting something you love to talk about.

Theres a reason why that unmumsy mum is so popular!!!!


2 thoughts on “For the love of blog

    • I sometimes look at my content and think my god what drival but i guess some people must enjoy drival haha i am a total stat addict thou and i love it when ppl frm different country’s read a post 🙂

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