Baby milk vom 

I’ve been vommed on a nunber of times by Kai today  

I dont remember Max being so sicky. 

Were not overly concerned by it he is having plenty of wet nappies and his weight gain is good so its literally just the leftover milk he doesnt need. 

Anyway its gross and it smells. Im starting to become immune to the stank so I apologise in advance to anyone thats around me. 

Vom milk startles those not used to seeing it especially when it comes out if his nose (haha). We know as Kai gets bigger these types of issues should correct themselfs. 

I once knew a baby who used to come to maxs yoga class that would literally vom everytime he was picked up (not so nice for his mummy).This is nothing compared to that.

I must cut this delightfull post short I can  smell poo and think its Mad Max (which is annoying as he has just had his bum changed)

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend. 


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