The things our kids do

Max and kai do so much everyday (well Kai not so much) and i always think il blog about that then i totally forget. 

So heres a quick update while i have the boys on my mind (weve just watched a scary film and i need a distraction before going to bed)


Max is nearly 22 months now and is thrning into a real cheeky toddler. Hes social skills are still fantastic,he interacts well with other children.Were going through the hello stage he just wants to befriend everyone its cute but i can see we will need to work hard on stranger danger when the time comes. 

Maxs speech is also excellant and he is getting good at recognising words from objects and not just mimicking what we say. 

Ive decided we will start to potty train in November just after his second birthday.  Were on holiday just after so i want to train him when we get back. Our friends gave us there old potty and we have been practising Max sitting on it.

Maxs build is super stocky now and he can be quite heavy footed  and clumsy.

The tantrums are still on another level,its probably made worse by the presence of his baby brother. 

Kai’s 5 weeks old now,were starting to see him much more alert than in previous weeks. Hes given us a few sleepy smiles and giggles. Kai is now Eff (exclusivly formula fed- see what i did there) no more breastmilk for this bubba. He takes aboyt 4 oz every 3 ish hours and boy doys it take him a while to drink. I should prob look at changing the teat but I think hes just a lazy boy.

He seems to be loving hearing me sing (god help him) and when hes having a strop it seems to calm him down.  Last time i had him weighed he was 9 lb 12 but he feels heavier now so def packing on the pounds. 

Thats it for now. Today were having a family trip to Ikea , all about the fun we are πŸ™‚


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