And then it hit me

Ive been getting Kai up for night feeds thinking he was awake (going by the sounds he was making) changing hus bum and giving him a bottle when really i think he was STILL ASLEEP.

What a dumbass I am!!!!!

Im not surprised I throught he was awake hes such a loud sleeper. We put Max in his own room at 12 weeks with this one im thinking its going to be earlier. 

How early did you put your little one in their own room? 


4 thoughts on “And then it hit me

  1. Our daughter was just over a year old when she went into her own bedroom! I hated the idea of not seeing her little face in the mornings but knew I had to move her. Our boy is 5 months and I think he’ll be switching rooms very soon!


    • Wow a year. Were lucky the nursery is right next door to our bedroom. Come 12 weeks i couldnt handle the noise anymore we all sleot better being in separate rooms. I think you just have to do what works best for you.

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