Self proclaimed mummy blogger

It seems we all love writing about being mums. In fact Id go so far as to say there problably hasnt been a time when mums (and dads) have been more eager to share every little detail of their lives with there babies on the world wide web. 

Before I became a mum I wouldn’t have dreamed of reading a mummy blog let alone write one. It would have been a total snoozefest.

Well look at me now mum of 2 and blogging for over a year. My hubby often says hes surprised I stuck at it and to be honest so am I. I really enjoy writing posts about my sons and the general crap we get up to. 

Theyll prob find it a total cringefest when they are older.Hopefully they will like the documentsion of their childhoods. There isnt much of anytho g left from my childhood. My sons will have not only my blog but also thousands of pictures and videos to be embarrassed by πŸ™‚

Look into my eyes……


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