Kai is 6 weeks 

My baby is 6 weeks old today. 

I feel bad for him being the second child. This time round things are much different to when Max was born. People were much more eager to meet Max for a start and the tranquil calm of our house first time round is impossible to maintain with a stomping toddler. 

Its ok thou he doesnt care and while I really  do care but pretend Idont I realise it doesnt matter.

The important people in our lives make the effort and thats all that should matter and that he is loved dressed and fed is what matters.I grew up in a crazy mad house so I dont think it will do him too much harm. 

So whats new with Kai.

Everyday hes more alert but still sleeping for hours at a time  (which is ok by me). Kai’s personailty is really starting to show thru hes given us a few smiles. 

Baby’s and their bloody nails, you cut them and five seconds later they’ve grown back

Hes still a bit sicky after each feed,I think he has a bit of reflux. Its getting better as he gets bigger. Hes drinking between 3 to 4 oz of formula now. Im not sure what he weighs if I remember correctly I think the dr weighs him at his 6 week check. 

The poor love spends a  lot of time on the kitchen table out of Maxs grasp. It’ll be like that for a bit. Having Max around Kai makes me a little nervous he can flip so quickly which scares me because I really dont want the baby getting hurt. Im working on it thou 🙂

Hes still not sleeping thru (I wouldnt expect him to yet) and he seems to not mind having a bath (the complete oppisite to Max) .

Like most babies he hates having his nappy changed and hes in size 2 already.

So thats it for now,new update in a couple of weeks. 


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