Motherhood … it changes you 

Its corny and everyone says it but motherhood has really changed me as a person. 

I dont care to go out and get wankered anymore or have silly dramas with people (thou its fun to read about other peoples drama on facebook). 

All i care about is my family ,namely my boys.As long as im doing right by them is all that matters to me full stop. 

If this makes me seem boring or miserable then tough luck. For once in my life I quite like the person I am and the path im on the things I’ve achieved. Namely raising 2 kids. It may seem mundane to some but I really have found my vocation in motherhood. I never really knew where I fit in this world but now I do. 

And for that I absloutley will not apologise for. 

How has motherhood changed you and do you think its for the better or the worse?


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