Wearing my baby 

We decided not to get a double buggy. 

So we’ve done 2 things .

  • Firstly we have a buggy board with a seat which clips on to our existing pram. I hate this option because my handle on my pram is not high enough which makes it very difficult to push and stear. Sadly Max loves the buggy board but we rarely use it. For those intreasted in a buggy board we got the mee go it was around £80 from amazon.
  • Secondly we invested in a decent sling. I chose the nct close caboo. 

I drive and occasionaly get the bus so again I dont get to use it much. I must say thou I love the feeling of being close with Kai on my chest. I chose the caboo because it was affordable and easy to assemble. The caboo can be worn lots of different ways but we tend to stuck to the upright posistion. As a side note because it is a material sling and not a carrier we’re not sure how good this will be when Kai starts to get heavier. It’s also not the beat on a hot sunny day. 

Mostly Max walks places and Kai gets in the pram. This is really stressful for me because when he gets tired he just wants picking up which would be fine if he didn’t weigh roughly the same as a baby elephant. 

So tell me what have you done. Brought a double buggy or come up with a workaround.l’d love to hear your alternative solutions and did they work. 


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