The bane of our existence… WIND!!!!

We hate wind in this house. Not the weather kind but the newborn struggling to bring it up kind. 

Actually thats a lie we think adult wind is funny unless its a evacuation of the room type of blow out (come on be honest flatulence is funny)

Its baby wind we despise. 

Some people are fab at bringing up wind others mmmm not so good. Me I’m in the middle. If its during the day and I dont have to see to Max because for example his tipped his entire plate onto the floor then im a fab winder.Its all about having the time which sounds mean but with 2 kiddos you need to assess each situation on a ad hoc basis. 

At night I tend to get a bit lazy.

To be fair im usually knackered and gagging to sleep by then (anyone with a newborn will be able to relate)

Tonight seems to be good so far for the wind and im thinking its time to go up to bed.

Wow I look tired. Kai on the other hand..

This is my view right now. You really cant beat snuggles with a baby whatever the age. Hes having a good giggle in his sleep,I’m glad one of us is having a good time. 

Please also excuse the double chin I just had a baby.That has to be the greatest line ever  thou Ive been told im not allowed to use that as a excuse anymore (the phrase “whatever” comes to mind)

How are you at bringing up the windypops (baby speak for wind)?


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