First night at fat club 

Ok i should probably stop calling it fat club but i just cant help it. Slimming world makes me think of little britan “dust anyone “.

In all seriousness i really want to shift this mum tum .The plan is to give it 6 months and see where we are then. I know il start to lose weight by then anyway getting weighed should hopefully just give me the extra push. 

Im quite pleased i went it wasnt as bad as i throught it would be. Im not planning to live and die by the plan im going to use it more as a guide.

Im really looking forward to getting some excercise in. Itl be slow going i suspect. I recently went on a trampoline with Max and i honestly was scared my uterus was goibg to fall out or that my bladder would give way.

Really should start doing those pelvic excercises now. 

This is what i hope to look like when excercising. Haha dream on 🙂


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