7 weeks in …

After 7 very long and stressful weeks we finally have a double buggy.

As mentioned in my previous post we had tried some buggy alternatives before taking the plunge with a buggy.they didnt work out to well for us (read the post here maximusmummy.wordpress.com/2016/09/04/wearing-my-baby/)

Last weekend id finally had enough and decided the time had come.

We dont have a spare 700 odd squid for a lovely tandem buggy so we opted for this very affordable side by side joie pram.

Heres the little nippers in said buggy.

At £120 mackaroonies it really is a steal. It folds down using just one hand and is surprisingly lightweight. 

Its a bit of a tight sqeeuze in my boot but it fits thru surprisenly most doors. 

It just make life so much easier having a double . Theres still that fear that Max will try and bop kai one but il just have to keep an eye on him. 

I would  ₩recomend this buggy if your on a tight budget (i wasnt paid to say that or sent the buggy for free -sadly)


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