Breakfast fail

When I started weaning Max I really had my eye on serving up delicious pancakes for breakie.The baby led websites made it look sooooo easy. Surprise surprise I found it hard to make pancakes (mummy fail right there). I could never get the batter just right.

Well this morning I decided to give it another go. Was I setting myself up for failure lets see……

The reason I’ve decided to be slightly more adventurousthis morning? Well i came across this last night. It came with a brother max weaning set I received to test last year for the mag Mother and Baby.

It looks simple enough I throught surely even a pancake simpleton like me cant muck this one up.

The recipe tell us to mash the banana, eggs and sugar and mix to form a batter.

You then need to add oil to your pan (I’m using frylight). Then add your batter mix to the pan and fry fir a minute each side.

So this is the first pancake .

Absloutley rubbish, at this rate Max may starve. Fear not thou he has already had a biscuit this morning a staple part of any toddler breakfast.

Im onto pancake number 3 the previous trys are currently feeding the bin.

This one went slightly better but crumbled when I tried to flip it. Im frantically googleing “how to flip a pancake ” but to be fair its not helping.

The forth attempt looks slightly better.

Ok so by now I’m losing the will to live. The so called pancake now resembles a banana omellete.

Heres the final product. I had visions of eating lovely pancakes with Max this morning think il give it a miss. Although I just tried some and they may look like a pile of crap they dont taste too bad.

Any pancake extrodinares out there please help where am I going wrong 😦

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