Blogtober16 day 1 -who am I

Me and my eldest boy Maximus

I’m Kris,mum to 2 boys and wife to my hubby Danny. To write about myself is totally unheard of as I very rarely ever write about any thing to do with me, my blogs all about my boys. 

Its not hard to see why I blog about these two.

I like to think im young (ish) well im 33 is that old? When I was 16 years of age 30 would have been “well old”.

Ive been with my other half for 14 years married for 10 of those. What is it they say I could have got out for murder by now. 

This is me and the ball and chain now.

Max and Kai the blog 

Orginally I started blogging to try and starve off the inevitable baby brain. 19 months later and I still at it. This came as a big surprise to both me and the hubby. 

Thats quite enough about me. Feel free to have a look around while your here 🙂


A Mum Track Mind

7 thoughts on “Blogtober16 day 1 -who am I

  1. Welcome to #Blogtober16 that’s why I started off with something about you, because we all do the writing but its usually about the rest of the family, I am looking forward to learning even more about your lovely family xxx


    • Oh stop it you’l give me a ego :)I think I’m looking older than my age the bags under my eyes give me away .
      The boys are gorg, the older one is a serious monkey and I have no doubt the little one is going to be even worse. I def have my work cut out for me.
      Thanks so much for commenting.


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