Mummas time

As I lie here still in my pit at 8 am (almost unheard of in this house) with the toddler playing in his room and the baby making grunting pug noises in his sleep next to me, really makes me feel like for once I’m winning (it wont last)

I’m hoping Max will get bored of playing and take himself back to bed. Somehow I doubt that will happen. I give it 5 more minutes before his screaming mummmmmm at the top of his lungs (bloody toddlers)

I feel a smidgen guilty that im spending this time blogging from bed. I really should be sorting out the babes next bottle or getting Max dressed.Isnt it crazy feeling bad doing something for myself.My whole life is about my family yet I begrudge myself 20 minutes to myself. Thats crazy talk right there sometimes us mummas need to take some time out. Im pretty sure the hubby doesn’t feel guilty when hes playing xbox. That’s men for you they just opeeate differently to us ladies. 

Fast forward 5 minutes

Ok party times over as I dash downstairs to sort out Kai’s bottle. He really will be screaming for it soon and thats just not a great way to start our saturday. I had to leg it past Max at the gate holding every teddy he has in his arms and see his eyes light up at the prospect of freedom. Sorry son one child at a time.

So that was my weekend lie in. Oh how times change when you have kids. We’ve swapped lie ins and naps for screaming babes,dirty nappies and sleepless nights. 

Hands up who else managed an extra 10 mins in bed and will you be paying for it later.  


First night at fat club 

Ok i should probably stop calling it fat club but i just cant help it. Slimming world makes me think of little britan “dust anyone “.

In all seriousness i really want to shift this mum tum .The plan is to give it 6 months and see where we are then. I know il start to lose weight by then anyway getting weighed should hopefully just give me the extra push. 

Im quite pleased i went it wasnt as bad as i throught it would be. Im not planning to live and die by the plan im going to use it more as a guide.

Im really looking forward to getting some excercise in. Itl be slow going i suspect. I recently went on a trampoline with Max and i honestly was scared my uterus was goibg to fall out or that my bladder would give way.

Really should start doing those pelvic excercises now. 

This is what i hope to look like when excercising. Haha dream on 🙂

Winning …. for now

Were haveing a good 5 minutes in the max and kai household. 

Max is eating dinner (potato hotpot and sausages)in his highchair. I got him a booster seat for the big table but i just need a peaceful 10 minutes right now and kais happily bouncing away in his bouncer. 

Just as i took the pic max put the dinner bowl on his head (he thinks its a hat). 

That gives me about 10 minutes to drink the tea ive been trying to make for the past hour. 

Motherhood … it changes you 

Its corny and everyone says it but motherhood has really changed me as a person. 

I dont care to go out and get wankered anymore or have silly dramas with people (thou its fun to read about other peoples drama on facebook). 

All i care about is my family ,namely my boys.As long as im doing right by them is all that matters to me full stop. 

If this makes me seem boring or miserable then tough luck. For once in my life I quite like the person I am and the path im on the things I’ve achieved. Namely raising 2 kids. It may seem mundane to some but I really have found my vocation in motherhood. I never really knew where I fit in this world but now I do. 

And for that I absloutley will not apologise for. 

How has motherhood changed you and do you think its for the better or the worse?

Night feeds 

One of the shitest parts of having a newborn has to be the night feeds (well for me it is anyway). Kai is 6 weeks now and waking on average every 3 hours for a feed. Its draining and i often find myself thinking jeez im too old for this shit lol 

Im a bit naughty il pop kai over my shoulder to wind him then before i know it were both snoozing. I cant help it he loves a snuggle. I know its really dangourous but i dont even feel myself drifting off to sleep. Touch wood i havent droped him yet 🙂

I started a tv series on prime calles Ray Donovon , i totally recomend it its been really good so far. 

Anyway its friday now which means my other half can help with the feeds. Im off to Bedfordshire:)

The end of our pumping journey

I really wanted to pump the amber necter for as long as I possibly could. 

Dont judge me but I’ve made the decision to stop. 

I came to this desicion based on a few things and they all sound selfish.

Having a newborn and a toddler is  time consuming as it is I find myself constantly needing to make choices. 

When both kids miraculously napped at the same time and when i should be sleeping or eating i was pumping. It just takes up too much time . We brought a pumping bra and in theroy that sounds awesome in reality it didnt really work out (thats another post for another time).
Then theres the demand issue. Kai is a baby led baby (he tells me when hes hungry by giving us cues) as he is feeding more I would struggle to keep up. I really need to pump every time he feeds and to be honest i dont have the time for that i was pumping 4 times a day and struggling.

Maybe if Kai has been my first born then things might have been different. 

I used the tommee tippee electric pump we used with Max. Although i found it to be a pile of shit i couldnt justify buying another one. We defiantly got our use out of it this time. 

So Kai has had 4 weeks of mainly breastmilk. 

I tried my best but now i need to focus on being the best mum i can be for both of my boys. 

Pumping mummas

We hear all the time about the benefits of breast milk when it comes to feeding our babies. We seem to hear a lot of the time how breastfeeding is the best way to feed blah blah blah.

We never hear anything about the heroic efforts of the pumping mummas. You know the mums who werent able to give the actual breast but instead endure hours of artifical pumping to extract the liquid gold.

Im a pumping mumma (with some formula feeds thrown in for good measure) and to be truthful I hate it. There I said it. Dont get me wrong I like the throught of giving Kai a good start but Max was formula fed and hes one smart cookie. 

When my babies are napping and i should be also I’m not im fecking pumping (with my crappy tommee tippee eletric pump from last time). It’s also really boring. I brought a pumping bra thinking I would be able to go about my day and just pump continously,yeah that hasnt quite worked out. The bottles were way to heavy for the bra and there isnt anywhere to put the controller ( you know the on and off button thingy)

I know I wont be pumping forever as Kai’s demand gets higher I just wont be able to keep up. At the moment im pumping 4 times a day and taking fenugrek to try and up my supply. Even thats not enough in theory I should be pumping everytime Kai feeds. If Kai was a only child then maybe this would ne possible but hes not and therefor it isnt.

So heres to all you pumping mummas out there you all deserve a gold medal.