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For the love of blog

So i just read a post about writing a killer post (their words not mine) it explains all about writing a successful post. 

I love these kind of posts . Mainly because my blog is the absolute opposite of everything i should be doing to make it a sucess.I write abuout the things i would want to read about.  My grammer is shockingly bad and i tend to ramble. Really thou who cares read it and enjoy it or move on to the next blog  (theres plenty to choose from)

Ive wrote a post about this before so i probably sound like im going over old ground.

Should blogs be all about stats and followers,making money and getting good freebies to review or should it be about documenting something you love to talk about.

Theres a reason why that unmumsy mum is so popular!!!!

2 under 2- The good the bad and the damn ugly 

Thinking about adding to your brood you might just want to read this before taking that step especially if your thinking of having them close in age:
The good

The newborn cuddles are epic especially since Max doesnt really like to cuddle me anymore. 

The unconditional love you will of course have for your child and he for you ( wait till they get old enough to have favourites)

Watching your eldest bond with baby (that is when there not trying to throw objects at there heads)

The cute baby clothes.
The bad

Right up there has to be sleepless night.

The crying 

Watching your eldest trying to throw things at the babies head

Not sleeping in the same bed as your hubby cos he has to work. 

The unwanted parenting advice

Trying to make sure everyones ok and feeling loved

The ugly

The shitty smelly nappies and farts

The tiredness -did i mention that already 🙂

Sleep depreivation 

I cant say this for any other couple with a newborn but in our house I can safely say that I deal with being tired a whole lot better than my hubby. 

I think its a woman thing we tend to just get on with it. Theres still kids to dress and mouths to feed. The world doesn’t stop turning just because you didnt get your 8 hours uninterrupted shut eye.

Todays the hubs last day of paternity so im making the most of it. He’s in charge of the kids and ive gone back to bed. To sleep but also to pump, its not all chill and netflix this morning. 

Who deals with the tiredness better in your house?

What a beautiful day

For once here in the UK we actually have sunshine and aparntly its here till Thursday at least (which probably means it will be thunder and lightening by tonight).

We really have to make the most of good weather over here we really dont get it very often. 

I had danny build the trampoline (a stressful experience) and the paddling pools in the garden ready. Now we just need Max to sleep for a while so hes not a monster later on when the ginger ninja (also known as Alex) arrives. 

I personally am hating the heat but as yo all know right now i have issues 🙂 

Have a nice day everyone!!

Don’t sweat the big stuff 

Before I had Max I had a really clear view of what kind of parent I wanted to be.

I think it’s a commen theme amongst first time parents you get it in your head that everything in baby land will be black and white. Then reality hits hard nothing is black and white EVER.

I wanted to be a fun but firm parent. I wanted every moment to be magical for my son I wanted to be encouraging him with everything we did together. 

Yeah so that’s not real life. When there first born it’s easy all they do is sleep eat and poop (if you have a boy they also wee on you A LOT) then they start hitting milestones which is really exciting. You feel a great sense of a accomplishment and pride the first time they do anything. You feel like you really helped them to achieve that milestone. 

Then the first birthday hits and that all goes out of the window. They become more restless and frustrated as they hit the bigger milestones like walking and talking. That’s when the tantrums arrive with a bang. 

Tantrums make parenting super hard. I find them draining. I used to get so upset when Max would scream and bang his head on the floor (thankfully he seems to be growing out of this phase).I also found max was a nightmare for me but a angel for his dad,it must be me I used to think he must hate me I must be such a bad mum. 

My hormones probably played a big part in how I was feeling. Now when my head is clear i see this is not the case. Max is with me all day,he sees his dad for 3o mins before bed during the week of course he’s going to act out for me. 
Being pregnant (especially now at 38 weeks) I have let the boy get away with murder and I’ve prob been a bit soft with him. This is something were going to revisit once we’re all settled as a family of 4. 

I guess the main gist of this post is that as parents we put the bar so high but in reality we need to just give our self’s a break. I’m always seeing memes saying the same thing… you know blah blah your doing great. Truth is most of us totally are. The way I see it now is don’t sweat the big stuff it’ll all fall into place in the end.