Aldi’s mamia fabric conditioner *review*

On my weekly outing out of the house without my kids (now I have 2 I enjoy the food shop,anything for a bit of peace and quiet) I spied this in the baby event.

I’ve never seen this one in there before so its definatly new. 

I dont tend to buy fabric conditioner from Aldi’s as I feel it doesn’t leave my clothes smelling lovely I usually go for asda own brand or lenor if its on offer. 

Why not give it a whirl I throught so I did. Heres what I found.

The price:

We all know that Aldi’s is cheap as chips and thats why its so popular. Since becoming a stay at home mum we have had to switch supermarkets.I was a total sainsburys girl before but just couldn’t afford it on one wage . Anyway back to the conditioner its a very affordable £1.50 which isnt too bad for a big bottle (40 washes) 

The smell

The scent in the actual bottle was very overpowering. Surpsringly I could smell the conditioner once the washing was on the go. There was also a faint scent when putting the wet clothes on the line. Sadly thats where it ends I could hardly smell it when the clothes were dry. The conditioner is aimed for small babies so this may be why there is a big absence of scent. 

The softness

I dont think this conditioner made the clothes any softer.

Overall I would buy this product again but only if I couldnt get my normal brand I dont think this would be a first choice for me. 
*I was not sent this product for review all opinions are honest ones and my own*



This time round-nappies

I love reading posts about what products mums find usefull and what they dont. 

Seems the blogging market is flooded with them along with things like whats in my hospital bag. These posts are lime reality tv totally addictive. The nosey parker in my is drawn to them. 

So i figured hey il put my 1o pence worth in wether you want my freaking opinion or not. 

Lets start with nappies. Last time we were total snobs and used pampers. Ti be fair we were a bit naive and had a lot more cash to burn. This time round ive tried a variety of different supermarket brands. There much cheaper than pampers and to be fair there the same in terms of absorbancy. I wouldnt say i change kai’s bum more with a cheaper nappy than with the higher end brand. 

Asda little angels 

These are very afdordable at £3.75 or 3 packs for a tenner. The nappy feels soft which is a must for me. The fit is ok not fantastic and tbe absorbancy is ok, weve had a few leakages with this brand which i think has a lot to do with the fit. We already use asda brand for Max so more than anything its really convenient to use this brand,especially with the 3 for a tenner because you can mix and match. 


Im not keen on this brand. We’ve been testing it for a magazine. We dont live near a morrisons so its not really somewhere i would normally shop. The nappy feels quite rough and the inside left a print on Kai’s skin. The fit was also not great (i suspect this may be more down to kai’s chicken legs)


I did treat Kai to a small pack of pampers (last of the big spenders me). After using other brands i was surprises at hiw thin and flimsy the nappy feels. The fit is ok thou the absorbancy was about the same as the others.


I wasnt sure about these. Im really not keen on the bigger nappys for Max i find them rough to touch. The newborn ones are so cheap that i had to give them a go. To be fair there ok. They didn’t rock my world but are soft enough with a decent ish fit. I will use these again if my funds are low. 

So there the main ones I’ve used but you’ll find loads of other brands out there. Hopefully this post will show you there arw other options. I always wanted to give my baby the best first tine round but I now know there are alternatives out there. 
*I hadn’t been sent any nappies to review for this post the opinions are all my own.