Mummas time

As I lie here still in my pit at 8 am (almost unheard of in this house) with the toddler playing in his room and the baby making grunting pug noises in his sleep next to me, really makes me feel like for once I’m winning (it wont last)

I’m hoping Max will get bored of playing and take himself back to bed. Somehow I doubt that will happen. I give it 5 more minutes before his screaming mummmmmm at the top of his lungs (bloody toddlers)

I feel a smidgen guilty that im spending this time blogging from bed. I really should be sorting out the babes next bottle or getting Max dressed.Isnt it crazy feeling bad doing something for myself.My whole life is about my family yet I begrudge myself 20 minutes to myself. Thats crazy talk right there sometimes us mummas need to take some time out. Im pretty sure the hubby doesn’t feel guilty when hes playing xbox. That’s men for you they just opeeate differently to us ladies. 

Fast forward 5 minutes

Ok party times over as I dash downstairs to sort out Kai’s bottle. He really will be screaming for it soon and thats just not a great way to start our saturday. I had to leg it past Max at the gate holding every teddy he has in his arms and see his eyes light up at the prospect of freedom. Sorry son one child at a time.

So that was my weekend lie in. Oh how times change when you have kids. We’ve swapped lie ins and naps for screaming babes,dirty nappies and sleepless nights. 

Hands up who else managed an extra 10 mins in bed and will you be paying for it later.  


This time around-wipes

With mad max we used cotton wool and water …… yeah right for about 5 seconds. Cotton wall and water is a faff. Ever tried to clean up a poonami with balls of cotton wall -absloute nightmare. 

We quickly wised up to using wipes. We choose water wipes as we didnt want to use chemicals on our precious babys bottom. They were like everythig baby related ridiculously expensive. The pack claims to be 99 %water  so what could go wrong. 

Well for starters as there made with water there really wet…. durr obvious right. Not to this mumma. I made the epic fail of not drying maxs bum every nappy change which resulted in sone pretty nasty nappy rash. It was so bad that it was bleeding, i felt lime the worst mum in the world. I had a few meltdowns over it. The only thing that sorted it out was sudocream  and lots of it. Also a tip for you, you need to give the creams tine to work (like a week) i was using a product for a few days then moving on to the next which probably made the rash worse.

This time we used water wipes but only for the first few weeks. Ive found them wayyy to wet this time round. If you squeeze the wipe it will literally drip water. Not good in my opinion. 

Weve used asda little angel and aldis sensitive wipes and to be fair they’ve been fine.the brucie binus being that they are a fraction of the price of water wipes.

So there you have it another change for baby number two. By the way using the different wipes doesnt by any way mean Kai’s bum is any less precious to us 🙂

Be prepared

As we think more seriously about baby number 2 it makes me think back on what I have learnt from baby number 1. Here’s my top 10:

1. Enjoy every moment of pregnancy.9 months really isn’t that long. With Max I was a bit of a wreck the whole time.I was constantly worried. In the end what will be will be.

2. Buy a jug. After labour your private parts will be very very sore. Weeing will bloody hurt. Make sure you pour warm water down there, this will ease some of the pain.

3. Sleep when the baby sleeps. With baby 2 this won’t be a option for me .I was far to busy doing my housework to sleep. Ohhhh how I’d love to go back.

4. Never leave a baby without a nappy not even for a second. I’ve been pissed and pooped on. It was not pleasant.

5. Get in as many hugs. When people tell you you’ll have a needy child if you don’t put them down then IGNORE them. There will come a time when they won’t want mummy hugs so make the most of it.

6. Get out of the house. I was out at 5 days and I won’t lie it was tiring. It’s so important not to be cooped up indoors, baby needs good old vitamin d. Preparation is key thou if you don’t want it to take 10 hours to get out the door.

7. Don’t compare. I constantly compare max to other children it’s something I’m learning not to do. He’s going to do things in his own time.

8. Get baby enrolled in classes. Max has  had a pretty full schedule since he was 5 weeks old. Classes are a great way to help your baby develop. Put in the effort now and trust me you’ll be paid in full in future years.

9. Don’t buy more than you need. This goes for everything from bottles to clothes. Babies are expensive and become more so as they get older.

10. Love every moment. It really does fly past in the blink of a eye. Make the most of every second. The good times and the bad. Also take millions of pictures and videos.

BlogFest – Week 1

I’ve had this blog up and running since Max was about 3 or 4 months old.

I started it so that my brain wouldn’t turn to complete mush and to tell the world about my adorable son.

A month or so ago I decided that I wanted my blog to be a success (or just better than it was).

I’ve invested a fair bit of blood sweat and tears into the pages 🙂

Once I learned how to use the reader, I found myself engrossed in other peoples blogs, its turned into a addiction.

Here are a few of my favourites, they make me laugh and I find I can totally relate.



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