Todays the day

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about my birthday (you can read it here ) and how it really is just another normal day  (sad but true,well in my case anyway)

The big day has arrived and it really is no different. There’s still mountains of ironing and washing to get through bottles to be sterilized and bums to be wiped. Payday isn’t till tomorrow so there isn’t even any cake.

It’s really made me think back to my younger days when birthdays were a thing to be celebrated. You would literally count down to that special day and plan every little detail of your night out meticulously. I honestly believe that once you get past 30 you start to wish you could take the years back instead of forward.

Is it a parenting thing that makes me not really care about the day I was born as much and are there others out there like me. So I decided to ask the blogging community what they do to celebrate (or if they don’t) their birthdays.

Heres a selection of my favorite answers, I’ve also included links back to their blogs. If you’re anything like me you love finding new blogs to follow. There really is nothing like spreading a little blogging cheer:


Sarah at Whimsical Mumblings:

My birthday is the day before my little girls. I feel birthdays as a parent are no longer important, maybe even forgotten about, but that’s ok. It’s all about making sure your little ones have a special, memorable birthday instead.

Jo at Miracle Max:

This year I was lucky enough to be taken to a spa for the night with my husband. Much needed being new parents to a 4 month baby boy.

Alison at Being a mummy with me

I used to get quite sad around birthday time as I have a chronic illness and it always used to make me think “another year ill” but my little girl (7) makes a big fuss of my birthdays & gets as excited about them as she does for her own! I love the homemade stuff she makes me which always makes it really special.

Mo at Adventures of a novice mum

My birthdays as a parent is not much different from my pre-parent birthdays in recent years; with the exception that I’m more prone to forget it’s my birthday until someone reminds me. It’s fun hearing my toddler singing ‘happy birthday’ to me; I suppose in that regard it’s better, because we have lots of giggles with it. I’m not inclined to do anything tangibly special – life doesn’t stop, and it’s usually a work day for me – but this might change as my child gets older and engages with birthdays more. I also don’t expect any acknowledgement of it from anyone, but my husband usually gets me something, which is nice.

I absolutely had to include this last one. A birthday at the tip, it sounds like something my hubby would do:

Amanda at The Family Patch

My favourite birthday story is how my husband took me to the tip for my 30th birthday… I kid you not, it was my first day off in months and I wanted to clear the house and so we went to the tip after dropping O off at nursery, but got there an hour before it opened and sat in the car outside the tip for a whole hour first thing on my first day as a 30 year old. We then went to have a birthday lunch somewhere, which turned out to be closed, so my husband was about to give up and take me home but I sulked and we ended up driving to another town on an impromptu “your birthday has kinda sucked so far, let’s make it awesome” moment 🙂

This little exercise has made me feel a little better about not really being fussed about celebrating the day I was born.

It seems the general consensus is that life after children is mainly about the children but that the odd surprise on your birthday is lovely (hubby take note). 

I also long for when the boys are old enough to really get into birthdays whether it be there own or ours. I cant wait for homemade cards and gifts. 

Do you have any birthday stories either pre children or after.

Do you find the older you get the less inclined you are to go all out or has nothing changed for you? 





Best of Worst

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If I could have one wish today

It would be for the sun to shine so I can hang my washing out and take Max to the park.

What a simple life I lead 🙂 Other mums will know the nightmare of having to dry your washing indoors because its peeing down outside! Believe me it takes days to dry and it drives me nuts.

I haven’t posted in 5 days! I’m a broken record I know, but it’s been so busy.

After my last post we ended up at the hospital with Max because he was breathing a little funny (Yes I’am a first time mum and I panicked). On this occasion my husband actually agreed with me so of to darent we went.

4 hours we were there 4 HOURS!!!

Turns out bubba had croup. The nurse gave him some medicine, then we had to wait a further 3 hours to see a dr who just confirmed what the bloody nurse had said.

Fair to say we were all KNACKERED! Max stayed awake the WHOLE time we were there.

The croup seems to have gone now (thank god).

In other Max news:

He’s finally crawling, hipp hipp hooray!!! Don’t get me wrong he reverts back to dragging his body occasionally (especially when we’rePicture 301 Picture 312 Picture 298 around other people).

These babies do love making us mummys look like liars. He has also started to pull himself up onto the furniture, namely his toy box.

Max just seems so happy lately and I think being able to finally get about has a lot to do with it. I’m definitely noticing that he’s a lot chattier.

Were on birthday countdown in our house (still so much to do!!!) less than 3 weeks to go 🙂

In 2 months time

I can’t quite believe that my little monster will be 1 in 2 months time!! WTF!!! where has the time gone.

I find most people plan big elaborate shindigs to celebrate baby turning into a toddler.Each to there own, were planning a small intimate get together at our house. With a soft play sesh at a later date for Max’s pals.

People will think me strange for not planning a huge party, spending lots of money we don’t have all for a day that Max won’t remember.

Im saving the pennies for when he has birthdays when he’s in nursery. Thats when shit gets real expensive!

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Its been a busy week

Its been a bit of a busy week, along with the usual teething, cooking,feeding,cleaning we’ve been to soft play, the park, a class and the farm.

The week has flown by, where has it gone.

I’ve been picking up a few bits to put away for Max for his birthday and Christmas. I was in the toy shop yesterday when it hit me My baby boy with be 1 in 3 MONTHS!!!!

Its true what they say time really does fly. I miss my tiny baby but I love seeing him grow, develop and learn new skills.

Here’s a visual of our week:

DSC_0136  DSC_0135DSC_0205 DSC_0261 DSC_0201 DSC_0220

We went to Christmas Tree Farm in Downe.

It was lovely the whole family enjoyed the day. In  summary there wasn’t much there, but for us there was enough. They sell buckets of food so you can feed the animals. Entry was 4 pound (a lot less than some other farms), you cant take picnics but the food was really reasonably priced. I would take Max again. I think older kids would love this farm.