Blogtober16 day 1 -who am I

Me and my eldest boy Maximus

I’m Kris,mum to 2 boys and wife to my hubby Danny. To write about myself is totally unheard of as I very rarely ever write about any thing to do with me, my blogs all about my boys. 

Its not hard to see why I blog about these two.

I like to think im young (ish) well im 33 is that old? When I was 16 years of age 30 would have been “well old”.

Ive been with my other half for 14 years married for 10 of those. What is it they say I could have got out for murder by now. 

This is me and the ball and chain now.

Max and Kai the blog 

Orginally I started blogging to try and starve off the inevitable baby brain. 19 months later and I still at it. This came as a big surprise to both me and the hubby. 

Thats quite enough about me. Feel free to have a look around while your here 🙂


A Mum Track Mind

Max and Kai getting social

I mean the blog not the babys. I have an image now of both kids hitting the town mingling with the crowd 🙂

So what exactly have I been up to:

  • Facebook 

This month I have really been focusing on social media as I think this will help the reach of my blog. I’ve joined a few groups on facebook and they have really helped.If you are a parent blogger with facebook then I highly recommend Uk Parent bloggers for advice and blogging banter (beware though they take their craft seriously) and The blogging mums club for posting your blogs.

Apart from joining  some new groups I have also taken part in some linkys. In the past I had no clue what they were. Basically you and other bloggers link up to others blogs. You can normally link up 2 posts and the only criteria is that you comment or retweet 2 or more of the other posts in the link.

 I always thought it sounded really complicated but its actually very simple and is a great way to drive traffic to your blog.

  • Instagram 

I really started upping my game on Instagram this month. The following has grown. I cant remember how many followers I had before but I think I’ve gained about 30 in the past couple of weeks. To some thats small fry but to me it was a big achievement. To have likes for my pictures going from  just 1 or 2 to 30 + was amazing.

Social media is all about engagement I’ve learnt and this has also improved vastly. I post 2 images a day (mainly of the boys) with a great set of hashtags (Instagrams all about the hashtags).I keep the photos nice and bright and of a good quality  (thank you s7) this seems to go down well with the crowd.

Hashtags- I never really understood the importance of hashtags. They are Instagram. These are the driving force behind people being able to find your account. Previously I would only use 1 or 2 but really you need about 30.

If you don’t want them cluttering your post you can also put these in the comments section.

Heres a selection of the ones I use:

#familyiseverything #onlylittleonce #yolo #cherisheverymoment #lifeisprecous #littlegibbo #biggibbo #letthembelittle #igmums #parentingblogger #mummyblogger #wordpressblogger #bloggerlookingforabrand #newbornlove #love #sons #mumofsons #feirceones #mumbehindthecamera #kidsofinstagram #familyof4 #lifeisshort #captureeachmoment #pixelkids #documentinglove #sleepdeprivation #sleepisforlosers
#thatsdarling #mybeautifulmess #flashesofdelight  #thehappynow
You also need to make a point of liking and commenting on other people’s posts engagement is key.

  • Twitter 

I made a point this month of following other bloggers on Twitter. By doing this my followers have  grown,not by much but by some. Again twitter is all about interacting and engaging. Hashtags are also key just remember you have much less space so you really need to make them count. Twitter for me is a work in progress.

Hopefully what I’ve learned with help someone else.
Blogging is a community and should be about giving back as much as taking .

What hashtags do you use? I’d love to hear from you.

The Pramshed

Looking back

Having a newborn around the house again has made me want to have a look over some of my older posts when Max was just a little baby. 

Heres a selection if you fancy a mooch its crazy to think he was was ever a tiny baby, hes more like a baby elephant now:)

Winning …. for now

Were haveing a good 5 minutes in the max and kai household. 

Max is eating dinner (potato hotpot and sausages)in his highchair. I got him a booster seat for the big table but i just need a peaceful 10 minutes right now and kais happily bouncing away in his bouncer. 

Just as i took the pic max put the dinner bowl on his head (he thinks its a hat). 

That gives me about 10 minutes to drink the tea ive been trying to make for the past hour. 

Self proclaimed mummy blogger

It seems we all love writing about being mums. In fact Id go so far as to say there problably hasnt been a time when mums (and dads) have been more eager to share every little detail of their lives with there babies on the world wide web. 

Before I became a mum I wouldn’t have dreamed of reading a mummy blog let alone write one. It would have been a total snoozefest.

Well look at me now mum of 2 and blogging for over a year. My hubby often says hes surprised I stuck at it and to be honest so am I. I really enjoy writing posts about my sons and the general crap we get up to. 

Theyll prob find it a total cringefest when they are older.Hopefully they will like the documentsion of their childhoods. There isnt much of anytho g left from my childhood. My sons will have not only my blog but also thousands of pictures and videos to be embarrassed by 🙂

Look into my eyes……

The things our kids do

Max and kai do so much everyday (well Kai not so much) and i always think il blog about that then i totally forget. 

So heres a quick update while i have the boys on my mind (weve just watched a scary film and i need a distraction before going to bed)


Max is nearly 22 months now and is thrning into a real cheeky toddler. Hes social skills are still fantastic,he interacts well with other children.Were going through the hello stage he just wants to befriend everyone its cute but i can see we will need to work hard on stranger danger when the time comes. 

Maxs speech is also excellant and he is getting good at recognising words from objects and not just mimicking what we say. 

Ive decided we will start to potty train in November just after his second birthday.  Were on holiday just after so i want to train him when we get back. Our friends gave us there old potty and we have been practising Max sitting on it.

Maxs build is super stocky now and he can be quite heavy footed  and clumsy.

The tantrums are still on another level,its probably made worse by the presence of his baby brother. 

Kai’s 5 weeks old now,were starting to see him much more alert than in previous weeks. Hes given us a few sleepy smiles and giggles. Kai is now Eff (exclusivly formula fed- see what i did there) no more breastmilk for this bubba. He takes aboyt 4 oz every 3 ish hours and boy doys it take him a while to drink. I should prob look at changing the teat but I think hes just a lazy boy.

He seems to be loving hearing me sing (god help him) and when hes having a strop it seems to calm him down.  Last time i had him weighed he was 9 lb 12 but he feels heavier now so def packing on the pounds. 

Thats it for now. Today were having a family trip to Ikea , all about the fun we are 🙂