Blogtober16 – Day 2 – post an old photo of yourself. 

To find a old photo of myself I had to raid my besties facebook page. 

It’s a bit worrying how many pictures she has of me looking totally smashed. 

I struggled to pick just one so I chose a small selection:

This ones from way back in 2009 I was 26 as you can see I was clearly loving life and myself haha


Fast forward 2 years new hair but same best friend

This is from 2012 the year I got married. Not sure why the guy behind me is trying to lick my head.

So there you have it. Its really fun and slightly cringe looking back over old pics of yourself.

 My life has changed so much in the past 4 years.

 My wild partying days are well and truly behind me. 


Blogtober16 day 1 -who am I

Me and my eldest boy Maximus

I’m Kris,mum to 2 boys and wife to my hubby Danny. To write about myself is totally unheard of as I very rarely ever write about any thing to do with me, my blogs all about my boys. 

Its not hard to see why I blog about these two.

I like to think im young (ish) well im 33 is that old? When I was 16 years of age 30 would have been “well old”.

Ive been with my other half for 14 years married for 10 of those. What is it they say I could have got out for murder by now. 

This is me and the ball and chain now.

Max and Kai the blog 

Orginally I started blogging to try and starve off the inevitable baby brain. 19 months later and I still at it. This came as a big surprise to both me and the hubby. 

Thats quite enough about me. Feel free to have a look around while your here 🙂


A Mum Track Mind