7 weeks in …

After 7 very long and stressful weeks we finally have a double buggy.

As mentioned in my previous post we had tried some buggy alternatives before taking the plunge with a buggy.they didnt work out to well for us (read the post here maximusmummy.wordpress.com/2016/09/04/wearing-my-baby/)

Last weekend id finally had enough and decided the time had come.

We dont have a spare 700 odd squid for a lovely tandem buggy so we opted for this very affordable side by side joie pram.

Heres the little nippers in said buggy.

At £120 mackaroonies it really is a steal. It folds down using just one hand and is surprisingly lightweight. 

Its a bit of a tight sqeeuze in my boot but it fits thru surprisenly most doors. 

It just make life so much easier having a double . Theres still that fear that Max will try and bop kai one but il just have to keep an eye on him. 

I would  ₩recomend this buggy if your on a tight budget (i wasnt paid to say that or sent the buggy for free -sadly)


Winning …. for now

Were haveing a good 5 minutes in the max and kai household. 

Max is eating dinner (potato hotpot and sausages)in his highchair. I got him a booster seat for the big table but i just need a peaceful 10 minutes right now and kais happily bouncing away in his bouncer. 

Just as i took the pic max put the dinner bowl on his head (he thinks its a hat). 

That gives me about 10 minutes to drink the tea ive been trying to make for the past hour. 

When is enough….. 

Enough. Where do we draw the line .

I’m a mother of 2 sons now not just one  

In the beginning when Kai was born we paid Max extra attention so that he wouldn’t feel pushed out or jealous. 

Has it worked, who knows. Sometimes Max is a dream and sometinea hes not.

Now 6 weeks in I think its time to get some normality before Max thinks all this special attention is the norm. Its tine for him to realise that Kai is hus baby brother and hes here to stay.

We will off course continue to love and spend time with both boys although naterally Kai needs a little more attention than Max does  (thank God for Nemo).

One day I dont doubt at all that they will be good pals. Untill that day I will continue to spilt my time love and affection between the 2. 

What did you do to try and make your eldest feel at ease with a new baby?

2 under 2

I’m slowly getting used to having 2 children as opposed to just the 1.

It’s not easy and there are days when I could quite happily just pull my hair out (especially when Max is having a epic tantrum and Kai is crying). So far we have all managed to survive and I really feel like i’m getting into the swing of things.

I was really worried when I was pregnant about how I would cope with 2 kids so young in age.

The secret for me is:

Be organised.

Most mornings I’m up before Max, Kai usually has a feed at around 5 am and Max likes to wake bright and early at 7am. This is a big difference to the 8 and 9 am starts we were getting in the winter (god damn you summertime  and your early sunrise) I pop Kai into the cot in his new room with ewan the sheep for company (more on him at a later date),9 times out of 10 he falls asleep which is great it means i can concentrate on getting Max dressed and ready for the day.I also believe that the little naps in his cot will do him good for when he goes in the nursery permanently (cannot wait for this day, love Kai but he is soooooo loud) .I get Max a clean nappy change of clothes and then we brush our teeth together. Back in his room he goes while I get myself and Kai ready. Im trying to make a point of giving Kai different clothes for the day and night, in this hot weather this proves challenging as he is happiest in just a vest.

Get out of the house.

Being cooped up all day doesn’t do well with the toddler. The days we have had indoors have by far been the worse to date. Getting out and about not only distracts Max but it also wears him out. It’s hard enough having to deal with night feeds again (every 3 hours so far) without having to settle Max as well. Try and plan out your week, go to the park see friends make the most of the good weather while it’s still nice.

Sleep when you can.

This one is much easier said than done. If you have a good support network then use it. I have the network but I don’t like depending on other people (unless its the hubby because hell I didn’t create these babies on my own). I’ve been going to bed at 8 or 9 pm during the week, Kai stays downstairs until Dans ready to go to bed. Often he’l do the 11 pm feed before he brings him up. At the weekend we take a feed each after 12 pm and often Danny will sort Max out for me in the morning. It’s hard and were both knackered but we know this time that this stage will not last forever.


So those are my main tips for surviving mummyhood with 2 toerags.

Mainly you just have to take each day as it comes.

Don’t be afraid to use the TV as a distraction for your older child if you need to. I also chuck Max in his room each morning for a nap, sometimes he naps,plays or just screams. Its just one of those things, Kai doesn’t get much time out of the chair when Max is around so it’s a necessary evil. My children are not like the cute pics you see of siblings showing nothing but love on facebook and instagram. Sometimes Max is very loving and sometimes he wants to throw toys at Kai’s head. Kai tends to have this look of pure worry when Max is around. Hopefully as he gets bigger he will be a bit less afraid of his big brother.

Do you have 2 or more under 2, what are your survival tips?


The things our kids do

Max and kai do so much everyday (well Kai not so much) and i always think il blog about that then i totally forget. 

So heres a quick update while i have the boys on my mind (weve just watched a scary film and i need a distraction before going to bed)


Max is nearly 22 months now and is thrning into a real cheeky toddler. Hes social skills are still fantastic,he interacts well with other children.Were going through the hello stage he just wants to befriend everyone its cute but i can see we will need to work hard on stranger danger when the time comes. 

Maxs speech is also excellant and he is getting good at recognising words from objects and not just mimicking what we say. 

Ive decided we will start to potty train in November just after his second birthday.  Were on holiday just after so i want to train him when we get back. Our friends gave us there old potty and we have been practising Max sitting on it.

Maxs build is super stocky now and he can be quite heavy footed  and clumsy.

The tantrums are still on another level,its probably made worse by the presence of his baby brother. 

Kai’s 5 weeks old now,were starting to see him much more alert than in previous weeks. Hes given us a few sleepy smiles and giggles. Kai is now Eff (exclusivly formula fed- see what i did there) no more breastmilk for this bubba. He takes aboyt 4 oz every 3 ish hours and boy doys it take him a while to drink. I should prob look at changing the teat but I think hes just a lazy boy.

He seems to be loving hearing me sing (god help him) and when hes having a strop it seems to calm him down.  Last time i had him weighed he was 9 lb 12 but he feels heavier now so def packing on the pounds. 

Thats it for now. Today were having a family trip to Ikea , all about the fun we are 🙂