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Blogtober16 – Day 2 – post an old photo of yourself. 

To find a old photo of myself I had to raid my besties facebook page. 

It’s a bit worrying how many pictures she has of me looking totally smashed. 

I struggled to pick just one so I chose a small selection:

This ones from way back in 2009 I was 26 as you can see I was clearly loving life and myself haha


Fast forward 2 years new hair but same best friend

This is from 2012 the year I got married. Not sure why the guy behind me is trying to lick my head.

So there you have it. Its really fun and slightly cringe looking back over old pics of yourself.

 My life has changed so much in the past 4 years.

 My wild partying days are well and truly behind me. 


Blogtober16 day 1 -who am I

Me and my eldest boy Maximus

I’m Kris,mum to 2 boys and wife to my hubby Danny. To write about myself is totally unheard of as I very rarely ever write about any thing to do with me, my blogs all about my boys. 

Its not hard to see why I blog about these two.

I like to think im young (ish) well im 33 is that old? When I was 16 years of age 30 would have been “well old”.

Ive been with my other half for 14 years married for 10 of those. What is it they say I could have got out for murder by now. 

This is me and the ball and chain now.

Max and Kai the blog 

Orginally I started blogging to try and starve off the inevitable baby brain. 19 months later and I still at it. This came as a big surprise to both me and the hubby. 

Thats quite enough about me. Feel free to have a look around while your here 🙂


A Mum Track Mind

Aldi’s mamia fabric conditioner *review*

On my weekly outing out of the house without my kids (now I have 2 I enjoy the food shop,anything for a bit of peace and quiet) I spied this in the baby event.

I’ve never seen this one in there before so its definatly new. 

I dont tend to buy fabric conditioner from Aldi’s as I feel it doesn’t leave my clothes smelling lovely I usually go for asda own brand or lenor if its on offer. 

Why not give it a whirl I throught so I did. Heres what I found.

The price:

We all know that Aldi’s is cheap as chips and thats why its so popular. Since becoming a stay at home mum we have had to switch supermarkets.I was a total sainsburys girl before but just couldn’t afford it on one wage . Anyway back to the conditioner its a very affordable £1.50 which isnt too bad for a big bottle (40 washes) 

The smell

The scent in the actual bottle was very overpowering. Surpsringly I could smell the conditioner once the washing was on the go. There was also a faint scent when putting the wet clothes on the line. Sadly thats where it ends I could hardly smell it when the clothes were dry. The conditioner is aimed for small babies so this may be why there is a big absence of scent. 

The softness

I dont think this conditioner made the clothes any softer.

Overall I would buy this product again but only if I couldnt get my normal brand I dont think this would be a first choice for me. 
*I was not sent this product for review all opinions are honest ones and my own*


Todays the day

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about my birthday (you can read it here ) and how it really is just another normal day  (sad but true,well in my case anyway)

The big day has arrived and it really is no different. There’s still mountains of ironing and washing to get through bottles to be sterilized and bums to be wiped. Payday isn’t till tomorrow so there isn’t even any cake.

It’s really made me think back to my younger days when birthdays were a thing to be celebrated. You would literally count down to that special day and plan every little detail of your night out meticulously. I honestly believe that once you get past 30 you start to wish you could take the years back instead of forward.

Is it a parenting thing that makes me not really care about the day I was born as much and are there others out there like me. So I decided to ask the blogging community what they do to celebrate (or if they don’t) their birthdays.

Heres a selection of my favorite answers, I’ve also included links back to their blogs. If you’re anything like me you love finding new blogs to follow. There really is nothing like spreading a little blogging cheer:


Sarah at Whimsical Mumblings:

My birthday is the day before my little girls. I feel birthdays as a parent are no longer important, maybe even forgotten about, but that’s ok. It’s all about making sure your little ones have a special, memorable birthday instead.

Jo at Miracle Max:

This year I was lucky enough to be taken to a spa for the night with my husband. Much needed being new parents to a 4 month baby boy.

Alison at Being a mummy with me

I used to get quite sad around birthday time as I have a chronic illness and it always used to make me think “another year ill” but my little girl (7) makes a big fuss of my birthdays & gets as excited about them as she does for her own! I love the homemade stuff she makes me which always makes it really special.

Mo at Adventures of a novice mum

My birthdays as a parent is not much different from my pre-parent birthdays in recent years; with the exception that I’m more prone to forget it’s my birthday until someone reminds me. It’s fun hearing my toddler singing ‘happy birthday’ to me; I suppose in that regard it’s better, because we have lots of giggles with it. I’m not inclined to do anything tangibly special – life doesn’t stop, and it’s usually a work day for me – but this might change as my child gets older and engages with birthdays more. I also don’t expect any acknowledgement of it from anyone, but my husband usually gets me something, which is nice.

I absolutely had to include this last one. A birthday at the tip, it sounds like something my hubby would do:

Amanda at The Family Patch

My favourite birthday story is how my husband took me to the tip for my 30th birthday… I kid you not, it was my first day off in months and I wanted to clear the house and so we went to the tip after dropping O off at nursery, but got there an hour before it opened and sat in the car outside the tip for a whole hour first thing on my first day as a 30 year old. We then went to have a birthday lunch somewhere, which turned out to be closed, so my husband was about to give up and take me home but I sulked and we ended up driving to another town on an impromptu “your birthday has kinda sucked so far, let’s make it awesome” moment 🙂

This little exercise has made me feel a little better about not really being fussed about celebrating the day I was born.

It seems the general consensus is that life after children is mainly about the children but that the odd surprise on your birthday is lovely (hubby take note). 

I also long for when the boys are old enough to really get into birthdays whether it be there own or ours. I cant wait for homemade cards and gifts. 

Do you have any birthday stories either pre children or after.

Do you find the older you get the less inclined you are to go all out or has nothing changed for you? 





Best of Worst

TOTS100 - UK Parent Blogs

Angelcare bath seat *review*

When Max was born we used a traditional baby bath to begin with. I don’t know about you but I found this to be a bit of a nightmare. It was so hard to hold the baby as well as give him a wash there just wernt enough hands. The throught of bathing him on my own made me come out in a deep sweat. I just didn’t know how I would manage it.

When I stumbled upon the Angel Care bath seat I honestly couldnt believe my luck. It was perfect just what we needed. The solution to arkward newborn bathing a complete hands free bath seat that we could actually use in the bath.

The base of the seat is made from a soft silicone type of materal (the prooer name is TPE material) ehich molds nicely to the shape of babys bum and back. It also soaks up the warmth from the water so baby doesnt feel cold.

The seat has a rubbery edging so it kind of sticks to the bottom of the bath (which is a godsend you really dont want the chair toppling ever). It has a max line in case your unsure how high to run the bath and comes with a hoop and a hook to stick it to the wall meaning storage isnt a problem.

The seat can be used from birth up to 6 months which is much longer thsn a baby bath. At 6 months Max was sitting up so we just put in him the bath without a seat.

You can buy the Angelcare bath seat from a lot of retailers now (including Mothercare). We purchased ours from Amazon it was £25.00 if I remember correctly. The price is a little steep but we got a lot of use out of it. We’re using it again for baby number 2 so def getting our moneys worth.

I used it to keep Kai close while bathing Max.
I would absloutley recomend this seat. It’s  perfect for making life a bit easier.

*please note I was not sent the seat or paid to review this item. All opinions are my own *

According to Max it makes a pretty good seat as well.

Diary of an imperfect mum

We're going on an adventure

Breakfast fail

When I started weaning Max I really had my eye on serving up delicious pancakes for breakie.The baby led websites made it look sooooo easy. Surprise surprise I found it hard to make pancakes (mummy fail right there). I could never get the batter just right.

Well this morning I decided to give it another go. Was I setting myself up for failure lets see……

The reason I’ve decided to be slightly more adventurousthis morning? Well i came across this last night. It came with a brother max weaning set I received to test last year for the mag Mother and Baby.

It looks simple enough I throught surely even a pancake simpleton like me cant muck this one up.

The recipe tell us to mash the banana, eggs and sugar and mix to form a batter.

You then need to add oil to your pan (I’m using frylight). Then add your batter mix to the pan and fry fir a minute each side.

So this is the first pancake .

Absloutley rubbish, at this rate Max may starve. Fear not thou he has already had a biscuit this morning a staple part of any toddler breakfast.

Im onto pancake number 3 the previous trys are currently feeding the bin.

This one went slightly better but crumbled when I tried to flip it. Im frantically googleing “how to flip a pancake ” but to be fair its not helping.

The forth attempt looks slightly better.

Ok so by now I’m losing the will to live. The so called pancake now resembles a banana omellete.

Heres the final product. I had visions of eating lovely pancakes with Max this morning think il give it a miss. Although I just tried some and they may look like a pile of crap they dont taste too bad.

Any pancake extrodinares out there please help where am I going wrong 😦

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