Mummas time

As I lie here still in my pit at 8 am (almost unheard of in this house) with the toddler playing in his room and the baby making grunting pug noises in his sleep next to me, really makes me feel like for once I’m winning (it wont last)

I’m hoping Max will get bored of playing and take himself back to bed. Somehow I doubt that will happen. I give it 5 more minutes before his screaming mummmmmm at the top of his lungs (bloody toddlers)

I feel a smidgen guilty that im spending this time blogging from bed. I really should be sorting out the babes next bottle or getting Max dressed.Isnt it crazy feeling bad doing something for myself.My whole life is about my family yet I begrudge myself 20 minutes to myself. Thats crazy talk right there sometimes us mummas need to take some time out. Im pretty sure the hubby doesn’t feel guilty when hes playing xbox. That’s men for you they just opeeate differently to us ladies. 

Fast forward 5 minutes

Ok party times over as I dash downstairs to sort out Kai’s bottle. He really will be screaming for it soon and thats just not a great way to start our saturday. I had to leg it past Max at the gate holding every teddy he has in his arms and see his eyes light up at the prospect of freedom. Sorry son one child at a time.

So that was my weekend lie in. Oh how times change when you have kids. We’ve swapped lie ins and naps for screaming babes,dirty nappies and sleepless nights. 

Hands up who else managed an extra 10 mins in bed and will you be paying for it later.  


I think I have baby brain (thats a real thing you know)

I never believed in baby brain. That is until it happened to me.

I used to chuckle at the lady at work who would blame all her mistakes on baby brain. Nooooo id say to my neighbour sitting next to me, she’s not got baby brain she’s just shit.

Well that comments come back to bite me in the bum!!!!

So far this week I have found the cling film in the fridge and a onion in the drawer.

Max woke at 6.30 this morning (thanks for that son). I wanted to try something new so I let him have his morning bottle in bed. Lo and behold he went back to sleep, he was snoring till 8.20 (practically unheard of).

Did mummy get a lie in, NOPE I was up doing chores while the little monster slept.

As a result today I am EXHAUSTED!

Im counting down till Max’s bedtime (4 hours to go). Actually I’m counting down to his Dad coming home so I can have five minutes peace.

We went to a rhyme time sing along at the local library today. To be honest I found it a bit pants.

I think I’ve been spoilt with really good classes up till now. To be fair Rhyme time was free so you really do get what you pay for.

Max is just eating his lunch, I’ve been able to get on here by letting him go crazy with the rice cakes.

Oh and before I forget we have three words now, Mum and Mummy which he’s been saying for a while and hiya and hello which he says to most people passing.