7 weeks in …

After 7 very long and stressful weeks we finally have a double buggy.

As mentioned in my previous post we had tried some buggy alternatives before taking the plunge with a buggy.they didnt work out to well for us (read the post here maximusmummy.wordpress.com/2016/09/04/wearing-my-baby/)

Last weekend id finally had enough and decided the time had come.

We dont have a spare 700 odd squid for a lovely tandem buggy so we opted for this very affordable side by side joie pram.

Heres the little nippers in said buggy.

At £120 mackaroonies it really is a steal. It folds down using just one hand and is surprisingly lightweight. 

Its a bit of a tight sqeeuze in my boot but it fits thru surprisenly most doors. 

It just make life so much easier having a double . Theres still that fear that Max will try and bop kai one but il just have to keep an eye on him. 

I would  ₩recomend this buggy if your on a tight budget (i wasnt paid to say that or sent the buggy for free -sadly)


6 week check 

Today is mine and Kai’s 6 week check. 

Its come around so quick before we know it hel be having his jabs. Im not pro vaccianations but he will have the same jabs as Max and thats it.

Last night was a bit of a mare. Max didnt get off to sleep till quite late (the sod) he wasnt crying just playing and saying hello everytime one of us went to the toliet. 

Then to top it off Kai wouldnt settle,he had terrible bad wind. After much winding he finally went to sleep and didnt wake till 2.45 am fir his feed. Hes snoozing now in his chair. 

Max is spending the day with nanny today and we have the health vistior some point this afternoon. In between il have to fit in some housework (theres a pile of ironing with my name on it). It will also be nice to spend some one on one time with Kai. 

We’ve got a fair bit on this week visiting relatives going back to maxs class and a trip to legoland on friday. Its good to keep busy its so much easier to handle the boys when there occupied. 

*image courtsey of  pexels 

Winning …. for now

Were haveing a good 5 minutes in the max and kai household. 

Max is eating dinner (potato hotpot and sausages)in his highchair. I got him a booster seat for the big table but i just need a peaceful 10 minutes right now and kais happily bouncing away in his bouncer. 

Just as i took the pic max put the dinner bowl on his head (he thinks its a hat). 

That gives me about 10 minutes to drink the tea ive been trying to make for the past hour. 

Kai is 6 weeks 

My baby is 6 weeks old today. 

I feel bad for him being the second child. This time round things are much different to when Max was born. People were much more eager to meet Max for a start and the tranquil calm of our house first time round is impossible to maintain with a stomping toddler. 

Its ok thou he doesnt care and while I really  do care but pretend Idont I realise it doesnt matter.

The important people in our lives make the effort and thats all that should matter and that he is loved dressed and fed is what matters.I grew up in a crazy mad house so I dont think it will do him too much harm. 

So whats new with Kai.

Everyday hes more alert but still sleeping for hours at a time  (which is ok by me). Kai’s personailty is really starting to show thru hes given us a few smiles. 

Baby’s and their bloody nails, you cut them and five seconds later they’ve grown back

Hes still a bit sicky after each feed,I think he has a bit of reflux. Its getting better as he gets bigger. Hes drinking between 3 to 4 oz of formula now. Im not sure what he weighs if I remember correctly I think the dr weighs him at his 6 week check. 

The poor love spends a  lot of time on the kitchen table out of Maxs grasp. It’ll be like that for a bit. Having Max around Kai makes me a little nervous he can flip so quickly which scares me because I really dont want the baby getting hurt. Im working on it thou 🙂

Hes still not sleeping thru (I wouldnt expect him to yet) and he seems to not mind having a bath (the complete oppisite to Max) .

Like most babies he hates having his nappy changed and hes in size 2 already.

So thats it for now,new update in a couple of weeks. 

When is enough….. 

Enough. Where do we draw the line .

I’m a mother of 2 sons now not just one  

In the beginning when Kai was born we paid Max extra attention so that he wouldn’t feel pushed out or jealous. 

Has it worked, who knows. Sometimes Max is a dream and sometinea hes not.

Now 6 weeks in I think its time to get some normality before Max thinks all this special attention is the norm. Its tine for him to realise that Kai is hus baby brother and hes here to stay.

We will off course continue to love and spend time with both boys although naterally Kai needs a little more attention than Max does  (thank God for Nemo).

One day I dont doubt at all that they will be good pals. Untill that day I will continue to spilt my time love and affection between the 2. 

What did you do to try and make your eldest feel at ease with a new baby?