Aldi’s mamia fabric conditioner *review*

On my weekly outing out of the house without my kids (now I have 2 I enjoy the food shop,anything for a bit of peace and quiet) I spied this in the baby event.

I’ve never seen this one in there before so its definatly new. 

I dont tend to buy fabric conditioner from Aldi’s as I feel it doesn’t leave my clothes smelling lovely I usually go for asda own brand or lenor if its on offer. 

Why not give it a whirl I throught so I did. Heres what I found.

The price:

We all know that Aldi’s is cheap as chips and thats why its so popular. Since becoming a stay at home mum we have had to switch supermarkets.I was a total sainsburys girl before but just couldn’t afford it on one wage . Anyway back to the conditioner its a very affordable Ā£1.50 which isnt too bad for a big bottle (40 washes) 

The smell

The scent in the actual bottle was very overpowering. Surpsringly I could smell the conditioner once the washing was on the go. There was also a faint scent when putting the wet clothes on the line. Sadly thats where it ends I could hardly smell it when the clothes were dry. The conditioner is aimed for small babies so this may be why there is a big absence of scent. 

The softness

I dont think this conditioner made the clothes any softer.

Overall I would buy this product again but only if I couldnt get my normal brand I dont think this would be a first choice for me. 
*I was not sent this product for review all opinions are honest ones and my own*



Today was a busy day

We were london bound today at my workplace for a meeting.

As most of you know I’ve decided not to return to work at the end of my maternity and have officially handed in my notice.

Unfortunately for the company my maternity cover is also leaving, so they have asked me to come in part time for a few weeks to bridge the gap.

I’m going to do it (what a nice person I am) but I’m really not looking forward to being away from my boy.

I know he’l have a lovely time with his nanny and aunt but I’m not sure how i’ll cope šŸ˜¦

If anything though it’s cemented my belief that staying at home is the right thing to do for myself and my family.